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Musicals, documentaries, food, culture and spending time in nature have always ranked high on Ariana Friend's early top 10 list. Studying photography, then audio visual production, she went on to finding her feet in a commercial AV company in her native Holland. After a detour through natural health sciences and working as a holistic counselor for several years, Ariana now combines all she has learned in getting the best out of her valued clients in front of the camera under the umbrella of AV Friend Productions since 2012 in her adopted Australia.

“Online video is fast becoming an extension of the overall branding presentation for professionals and their businesses, and has great potential as a communications and marketing tool. There is an increasing need to move away from the handheld talking selfie (or telfie) and create more congruent video to authentically represent people and their businesses online. I love supporting dedicated professionals by helping them connect and engage with their online audience and deliver their unique message through the medium of video in the most genuine and honest way."

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AV Friend Productions HQ is based on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne, Australia. This is where our virtual meeting room, edit suite and occasional recording space is located. More often we will travel out to meet you at your place of business or wherever you will have us work with you on your next online video project. Whether we are engaging with you for the purpose of training, production or helping you get a better return on your invested time, effort and marketing dollars in your existing online video. Most of our recording equipment is mobile, and we jump at the chance to get out of the office and meet you for a cuppa to find out what your products and or services are really all about.


Our aim is always to strike a balance between the creative potential of all things video and the appropriate use of screen language and video format elements to fully express the individual identity of our professional clients and connect them with their online audience through the medium of video in a style that is as individual as they are.

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"There are way too many talented, capable and passionate professionals missing out on connecting with prospective new clients and potential new business partners, because they are just invisible in today's digital landscape through generic looking, sounding and feeling online video clips... Distinguishing yourself is however not about outdoing the perceived competition through flashy or overproduced video - it is simply about creating authentic video that highlights your unique points of difference in a way that fits in with your overall branding and sits comfortably with your professional persona. It is the fastest way for your target market audience and potential new business partners to find you in today's crowded generic digital landscape. Having congruent online video gives you the opportunity to genuinely connect and engage with your online audience and deliver your unique value to benefit your audience and ultimately to serve the greater good of all."


* screen language expertise / video series format specialist

* tertiary trained videographer / Film & TV industry experience / business & marketing experience

* time-efficient & cost-effective / full brief development / post & share strategies

* giving back at every opportunity we are given, by looking at the bigger picture and creating triple win video projects: projects that are not just good for your business and good for ours, but also good for the world we live in - by giving back on your behalf...


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