our giving stories so far...

Can doing good business reallly be good for our world...?

We feel often blessed, humbled and at times overwhelmed at the abundance in resources and economic opportunity we are able to access here in our diverse Australian society at AVFP HQ.

Through our work in online video we are very aware that there are many people in this world who are not as fortunate as we are. Through no fault of their own, too many men, woman and children lack access to clean water, basic nutrition, a safe roof over their heads, education, job opportunities, basic health care, the list goes on...

Therefor, our mission has become about more than just doing the best job we can for and with our valued clients. As we continue to create what we like to call "triple win" online video clips - good for your business, good for our business and good for your direct audience - we have always felt we could be doing more...

...for this reason, we now give, every time we receive.

How can you help us do more?

Simply by getting in touch and having a chat or sending us an enquiry about how our services may support your business, by combining the best of what we do in online video through training, full or part production, and effective post & share strategies, with the best of what you do as a dedicated professional in your area of expertise. Every time we meet with a client or business partner we have now chosen to give back - as a gesture of appreciation & gratitude for the opportunity extended to us.

See? Simple.

We'd love to hear from you!

the bigger picture

the power of small


What if multiple small local actions could together make a big global impact...?

By choosing to do business with us you are doing just that! As for every client interaction in our business, we give on your behalf.

bona fide recipients


We are so excited to be part of

the  global movement, supporting the UN 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development, as we have access to bona fide gifting recipients through our B1G1 (Buy1 Give1) partnership.

together we do better


The real power of small can be genuinely great when we combine our efforts - each individual each day in each way doing what they do best in the interest of the greater good of all... as together we do - do better!

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