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online video for business

Whether you are looking for one-on-one guidance to produce your own online video, or you have a small team you would like to have trained in our general or tailored group workshops, AVFP has a range of options to suit the small to medium sized business needs.

  • learn the basics of the 5 key production phases of any online video production
  • learn 10 most common mistakes made in online video and as important - how to avoid them
  • learn how to use screen language effectively to connect, engage and deliver your online message through the medium of video
  • learn how to utilise video series format elements that will give your online video a much more professional look and feel

our most popular are:

2 hour one-on-one session

6 hour small group workshop

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personal video review

video production


five step video production process

Every single video clip or series of video clips produced by AVFP follows 5 key production phases of any video production, to ensure you get the most out of your finished product or products. The emphasis is always on full brief development well before pressing the record button, as being well prepared on film day will see us work in the most time-efficient manner. Being well prepared will also see you the most comfortable and confident on camera.

  1. full brief development
  2. production
  3. filming
  4. editing
  5. video clip delivery

we can provide either:

full video production

edit & titles only service

our main style ranges are:

* creative * promotional * documentary*

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post & share strategies


leverage your online video

Your online video is an extension of your business, your brand and your professional persona. Seeing your online video as a communications and marketing tool for your business, will help you make much more effective decisions around what to produce and when, how to produce it and for whom, with what message and what call to action to include. Being crystal clear on where and how to post and share your new or existing online video can help simplify the decision making process around the many variables involved.

  • video as marketing and communications tool
  • improved content & presentation
  • posting schedules & continued active sharing
  • increased return of your invested time, effort and marketing dollars from any online video for business

our main focus for posting & sharing are:

Website, YouTube, Email, Social Media

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