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With a background in art projects and music video clips, we love creating a unique style of videos to authentically suit your professional personality and overall business branding.

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People don't just buy services or products... they buy from people they can relate to - hence our emphasis on capturing the essence of your professional self and unique business.

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With a great appreciation for the power of documentary pieces, we love learning about what, why and how you do what you do so we can genuinely feature this in your online video.

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Sample 01 - creative video

music video clip  - full AVFP production

"The Road" by Chris Ball

visual brief development / production / filming / visual editing / post & share strategies

sample 02 - promotional video

promotional video clip - edit & titles only service

Northern & Southern Italy - by Sapori Tours

full brief development / production / voice over script & recording / editing / post & share strategies 

sample 03 - documentary video

collaboration - television documentary series

"Dutch TV" Series 03 - 13 half hour episodes

- aired on Ch31 Melbourne, Australia -

series format development / writing / directing / editing / program compilation

AVFP Introduction video

the above three sample videos give you an idea of what we do through AVFP video production services

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<< here - a brief introduction on how we do what we do

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